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Monday, January 30, 2012

Taped The Alphabet Block Stamps Together!

I am trying to finish up some cards for my favorite organization...Operation Write Home. I had a block of letters that I always found so difficult to stamp evenly, individually. So...IDEA! I joined them together as one big stamp with green painters tape so they would stay secure! They were loose enough so that the H and I could be pushed forward to ink with bright red and then pushed back so I could ink the rest of the letters with black ink.

Whaa-laaa! Here are the cards I made with this taped together block of alphabet stamps and they are now ready to be shipped to our heroes, so they can write notes to their loved ones and send them back home!

These were fun to make, and not difficult once the stamps were secured by the tape!  If you would like to send cards to this wonderful organization, please check it out here. Thanks for looking and have fun with your, glue, paper, and scissors!

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