Close To My Heart (CTMH) Scrapbooking and Stamping Products with CTMH consultant Lura Wagner.

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Want to Get Paid To Scrapbook Your Memories?

If you ever thought about owning a business and would love an exciting career in the fun scrapbooking and stamping industry, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity! Join my team of enthusiastic consultants in the industry's leading scrapbooking company.

If you like:
  • Setting your own work hours
  • Earning the income you desire
  • Balancing family, work, and fun
  • Making new friends
  • Taking paid incentive trips
  • Having top quality products at a discount
  • Perserving your memories while making money
And much more! 

Joining Close To My Heart it easy to do! Start your own business for only $99 and you will receive a New Consultant Kit loaded with the latest products and helpful resources. You will have access to on line training so you will have a great start in your new career at your own pace. Everyone is welcome, everyone has a place. If you have additional questions, contact me at 812-572-5545. I will help you in any way that I can to help you achieve your Close To My Heart goals and dreams.

Consultant FAQ

What is the total cost of the kit?
A. The basic kit costs only $99. (plus shipping and tax) A $280. value.

How much do I earn as a consultant on my personal sales?
A. The base commission for an Active Consultant is 22%. Depending on your monthly sales, you can earn additional bonus commissions from your personal sales.

Do my own personal orders count towards my sales requiremnt?
A. YES, as long as you place them on a "gathering order"

Can I earn an additional commission from people who sign up to be a consultant with me as their upline?
A. YES! You will earn an additional commission from the personal sales of people who sign up as a consultant with you! Minimum personal sales are required for you to receive your commission.

How do I introduce my friends and family to my new business?
A. Host our very first event, a gathering of your friends and family and introduce them to your products that arrived in your new consultants kits.

What is the benefit of hosting a first gathering?
A. The first gathering is an great way to get practice in holding gatherings with your new customers and at the same time, receive the consultant commission & FREE stamping and scrapbooking supplies based on the orders at your first gathering! The sales from your first gathering help you earn additional products with STRAIGHT TO THE TOP program also.

What is Straight To The Top Program?
A. You earn additional FREE products based on your sales during the first 90 days you are a consultant, you can earn an additional $150. in FREE products!

What training is provided by Close To My Heart?
A. Start With Heart - weekly training emails sent for six weeks to help you begin building a         successful business!
Training Academy - Online company sponsored, training program! Video Clips and classes 
offered online. Earn your Bachelor, Masters, or Doctorate degree from the Close To My Heart Business Academy.
Convention - Annual training event designed to give you creative training and business building ideas.

Are consultants required to keep an inventory?
A. NO! Close To My Heart believes strongly that a consultant should not go into debt by carrying an inventory.

How do I sign up and join your Close To My Heart Team?
A. Please sign up through my sponsored website:
By doing so, you can be assured that I will be assigned as your upline and I will make sure your kit will ship quickly. Payment can be made through the online sign-up process as well. Once you sign up, you will receive your welcome email from the Close To My Heart corporate office and you will have access to the consultant website. I will be in touch with you soon after you receive the welcome email and I will help you get started with training, ideas and more!

I will help you in any way that I can to help you achieve your Close To My Heart goals and dreams. By becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant, you join an elite team that supports and honors what makes you exceptional.

Click the button to enroll in my team today! and WELCOME!

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