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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Facebook Page

I love socializing with long lost friends on Facebook, but the Facebook "page" I did not comprehend. How could I possibly promote my business on a social network "page"? It was a puzzle to me  how the combination of a "profile," a side view of the human head, and a "page,"one side of a sheet of paper in a book, would ever make any sense in a site designed for college students to keep up with their friends.

If you feel as lost as I did about the Social Media and Business combination phenomenon, then there is help for you too! I just finished a two hour session with Karen Clark and she has a wealth of knowledge on how to go about doing this as well as all the patience in the world. If you want help, I want to share this connection to her site and I send a big "Thank You!" to Karen Clark.

I have now signed up to take her 4 Module Course to learn even more. Here's the link if you are interested. Come join me!